synopsis: With the 12-year-old Jennifer Rand at the helm, four ingenious kids, calling themselves the Orphans of the Storm Society or OSS, vow "To make ourselves as happy as possible, defeat evil in all its forms and to always have a purpose." Mr. Perkins, the gentle handyman, has been unjustly accused of stealing wealthy Mrs. Ravenswood's diamond necklace. The OSS is intent on proving his innocence. But what ensues is far more sinister and deadly a game than a simple case of theft. The OSS discovers that a child is in mortal danger. Since no one will believe them, it is up to them, and them alone, to protect the child from harm. "Defeating evil in all its forms" is not so easy as the OSS races against time and death to not only rescue an innocent child, but to stay alive. Illustration by Julius Mann HOME PAGE     THE BEGINNING     BIOGRAPHY     SYNOPSIS     REVIEW ©2023 Jennifer James KID’S READING ROOM Contact Jennifer James at: