Click the speaker icon to hear the prologue read by the author. Dear Gussie, This is a story about how my friends and I captured a murderer.  I am telling you this story, Gussie, to prove to you that you should love me. As you have noticed, I am calling you “Gussie.” Gussie is your middle name. I have decided not to call all you “mom” anymore.  You don’t deserve it–Because you never were much of a mom. But the laugh’s on me, because I am still trying to make you love me. And I guess in a weird way, the truth is, I have always loved you, in spite of everything. Anyhow, this story proves that I deserve to be loved. I am not so bad. Funny isn’t it? I deserve to be loved and I’m not. And you don’t deserve to be loved and you are. I sure wish Grandpa hadn’t told me you were dead. But then he did and so that’s that. (Anyone reading this would think that this 12-year-old is really goofy, writing to her dead mother and all.  So I’m weird. What can I tell you?) prologue Illustration by Julius Mann HOME PAGE     PROLOGUE     BIOGRAPHY     SYNOPSIS      CHAPTER THIRTEEN     REVIEWS ©2018 Jennifer James VOICE OVERS KID’S READING ROOM Contact Jennifer James at: